The Last Resort

The Last Resort

Women-only sober living & trauma centre

on an organic farm


The Last Resort - Our mission and purpose

To provide a safe and nurturing environment, to help our guests find peace and acceptance of addiction in any form, and give the tools required to help heal body, mind and spirit.

Our self-sustainable organic farm is a tranquil haven where people can come and learn how to connect with nature and themselves, and to manage their addiction through life.

The Last Resort rehabilitation sober living rehabilitation farm women-only sober living rehab farm


Cause of addiction

Last Resort treehouseMany of us seem to be stuck in patterns of destructive behaviour. A sense of community and family cohesion have been replaced by isolation and dysfunction. Divorce rates, parents working long hours, lack of emotional development skills and the virtual world all contribute to a lack of belonging. The lack of support and feeling loved and connected is replaced by drugs and alcohol or any other means to numb emotional and spiritual pain. Substances and compulsive behaviour that keep us stuck in a loop of pain provide a momentary relief and sense of connection but those crutches become a destructive and spiralling force that often results in anti-social behaviour. The cycle of addiction is destructive for the individual and the family and leaves everyone involved feeling hopeless and powerless. Our aim is to provide the life skills, direction and guidance to support the difficult transition from isolation to community.

butterflyBarry Gurney Last Resort

About Us

We are a husband-and-wife team married for 16 years. We teach family values, how to connect to yourself and others, and how to overcome trauma and loss. We understand the toll addiction takes on the family unit and hope to restore unity and balance for all concerned.

butterflyToni Gurney

My passion is finding ways to heal destructive patterns of behaviour. I have studied numerous modalities in the hope of finding a way to break the cycle of self-abuse. I use various treatment methods that work with the subconscious mind. I have studied trauma therapy with one of the leading addiction and trauma centres in North America, and worked at various clinics in Cape Town. My experience has taught me what works and has helped me to develop a model of treatment which is unique and caters for each individual's needs. The Last Resort is a place of learning new and healthy ways of living and interacting with the world.

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butterflyBarry Gurney

I am passionate about growing healthy organic food! I aim to create a self-sustainable environment, where animals are treated with love and respect and given a wonderful life. This ensures that we know where our food is coming from and that it is free from harmful hormones and antibiotics. I hope to educate and engage our guests in the process of growing and rearing nutritious food. As a trained chef, I can teach our guests how to cook delicious, healthy, fresh meals and to make jams and preserves. I worked in a business environment for 20 years and have now chosen a different lifestyle that I hope to share with others.

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The Programme

We provide a unique homey and nurturing environment - a retreat from the world to help people who have lost their way rediscover positive qualities, talents and strengths that have long been forgotten. Last Resort, KooWe are a self-sustainable farm and our guests will learn how to create something useful and meaningful of their lives. The Last Resort is a women-only centre so there are no distractions. We teach practically through positive experiences to replace the old negative thinking and beliefs. We teach holistically as we desire to reach each guest on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The aim is to teach emotional intelligence, self-reliance and respect, and to provide a sense of connection to other community members, themselves and nature.

butterflyLast Resort group therapyOn an emotional level, we help clients process the emotional backlog. The result is appropriate emotional reactions, communication and coping skills. The hope is that a person leaves with a sense of purpose, direction and the inner strength to overcome obstacles. Group work is an excellent way for members to realize how their behaviour has affected the people they love and how to make the necessary changes in order to get the love and attention needed to feel valuable.

butterflyOn a physical level, we will teach practical skills such as knitting and sewing. Last Resort animal therapyThe clients will learn how to grow their own food on our farm, how to cook, how to look after the animals, and all the tools needed to be a responsible individual. We also practise yoga and meditation to help connect the body and the mind so a person can function as a whole and to listen to their conscience again. We engage in physical activities such as hiking, cycling and swimming. The aim is to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. We aim to strengthen the body and the mind by doing activities that are fun and educational, creating lasting positive impressions and experiences.

butterflyOn a spiritual level, we teach the twelve-step programme and engage in activities that help the client feel part of a community. Last Resort sober farmThe twelve-step programme is based on a set of guidelines which help a person realize the harm done to themselves and their loved ones, and to make amends for the hurt caused. The twelve steps also encourage a connection to a power greater than ourselves, giving over our powerlessness and being restored to sound body and mind.

butterflyOur programme is six months duration and the client has to have been detoxed before they come to our farm. The programme is designed to support individuals in every aspect of their lives and give them all the tools they need to lead successful, healthy, purposeful lives. Each guest is involved in community projects like visiting the old aged home, helping at the school or walking dogs for the SPCA. We believe it takes time for a person to learn new ways of relating to themselves and the world around them and to feel safe in their environment in order for lasting change to take hold.

butterflyModalities utilized:

equine therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Breathwork
  • Art therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Guided visualization
  • Yoga


"The transformation ... felt like an impossible task for me. I tried and failed many times. It was only until I came to The Last Resort and learnt that I am not alone and that I am loved that I started seeing the world, my future and my past as a complete plan."

P, 18 years old

"Before I came to The Last Resort I was completely disconnected and unaware of my selfish actions whilst using drugs. I feel stronger and more alive than ever before. For the first time in years I actually recognise myself in the mirror. I know have the ability to keep letting the light in and to strive towards being the best version of myself, remembering that there always has been and always will be love surrounding my soul."

M, 30 years old